Well, I was scheduled off on Tuesday, Jan 4th, but wanted to go into work, but FedEx called on Monday (I was off that day also) said they would be delivering some package on Tuesday that needed a signature. So, I decided to take my vacation day on Tuesday and await FedEx. I had my dh wake me up while he was still getting ready for work so I could take a shower while he was still home (so not to miss a doorbell ring). I got showered, dressed, and my new favorite flavored coffee, Caribu Morning Blend  with the MOST AWESOMEST creamer, International Coffee Creamer’s limited edition ALMOND JOY flavor!!! YUMMMMMMYYYY! OMG! I need this stuff by the GALLONS!!

So anyways, dh, left for work, I proceeded upstairs to my craft room. For some reason I was in the mood to make earrings. I made holiday earrings, earrings for February swap on Swap-bot.com , pendants for a January swap also on  Swap-bot.com, a necklace,  and a couple non-specific pendants. Turns out I made 30 pairs of earrings. WOW was I on a roll or something? I love when the creativity just flows with out me having to concentrate on what to create next.

I was going to go volunteer over at the senior assisted living center in the morning that was IF FedEx came before 11, buzzzz, nope, then I gave them till 2:30 to show up & I would’ve gone to volunteer, buzzzz… nope…they showed up at 2:45….. grrrrrr…. so I just stayed crafting all day. I wish I could’ve taken photos of all of the completed items for the day to list on my etsy & artfire stores, but i had a rambunkious kitten that decided to jump all over my beading table & photo light box area so that made me not in the mood to get that all set up. There’s always the weekend for that!