I saw this ad on my facebook feed for this race called CitySolve Houston and it got me SO EXCITED ! It’s The Amazing Race” –but only in Houston!

“Teams of 2 – 3 solve clever clues and face fun challenges all while navigating the urban landscape by foot or public transportation! It’s a scavenger hunt, with all the thrills of the amazing race, mixed in with trivial pursuit, throw in a mini road race and add a dash of cat-and-mouse. And voila! You’ve got CitySolve Urban Race. Clear your calendar for February 19, 2011 to dash through Downtown, Midtown and more!”

AWESOME! I don’t have to worry about a passport, taking vacation days, worry about where I’ll sleep or shower!! Its only one afternoon for  4 hours, its only in Houston!! So, I posted my status on facebook asking who wanted to do the race with me, and my friend Erin said she would! COOL! So we are signed up & now we just need to learn more of Downtown Houston & the public transportation. Hmmm… should be interesting. I’ll take photos – it should just be fun – we don’t care (or expect) to win.

Years ago when I was a volunteer with The Make-A-Wish Foundation there was a similar race (the name escapes me at the moment). I worked at one of the stops. It was at an ice block company and the teams had to find the place, then chip out a key frozen in a HUGE block of ice. It was very fun to watch! The teams were saying how they were speeding all over & a couple already got speeding tickets!  I took photos that day of the racers & ice blocks, however, apparently I forgot my camera on my hood of my truck and ended up watching it FLY OFF the windshield/hood of my truck on the highway. Uh, yeah, I was NOT turning around or stopping to get that (especially since it was near the entrance of a BUSY highway) I watched in my rear view mirror the camera SMASH to bits ! OH well, since that day, I am overly cautious with my cameras now (oh yeah, that wasn’t even MY camera that smashed!!)