Dollar Store Crafts had this challenge last year, but  I’m going to continue it again THIS year (for myself-but anyone is welcome to join me!)

Come on, you know WE ALL hoard craft supplies–if you don’t then you are in denial. I tend to hoard ribbon, paper, beads…. uhm… I think those are my 3 main items. Don’t get me wrong, I have TONS of other stuff, but nothing I seem to gravitate to wherever I go.

 I have a friend who hoards Cricut cartridges — she has EVERY ONE of them but probably 2.  I have a total of 12 carts, which I rarely use!!  I got to the point of borrowing hers if I was interested in 1 image from a cart.

I went through my stages of fabric (for dotees), organization items (see a previous post on that), Sizzix dies, Stampin Up! stamp sets, acrylic stamps, ….oh geeze… a lot of craft items…. cigar boxes is a new one.

 SO ANYWAYS, I promise to only use items in my CURRENT stash for ALL craft projects created in April (I also promised it for the March Craft Month pledge).  I know my card making will not be effected by any downtime. I probably could make 10 things a day out of paper for the month of April and it wouldn’t look like I made a dent in my paper stash. I want to try to use up all my old Stampin Up! DSP I just don’t use that anymore & they are ‘boring’ to me. If anyone wants to do a swap (on swap-bot) stuff for that paper — message me & I will get back to you.

Stash Bust Participant Badge 2011

Stash Bust Participant Badge 2011