Well, I lasted about 21 days on my “March Craft a day” challenge I gave to myself. Anyone who crafts, understands the ‘organized chaos’ of a crafter’s work area. Right? Yeah, well try to explain that to my dh & my neighbor (both NON-crafters). Some how he talked her into helping me clean up & organize my craft room. So, since she hasn’t found a job yet, she has been doing it a little at a time.

She has  organized ALL my rubber stamps, and of course what was the most annoying question the dh asked me? “Do you KNOW how many rubber stamps you have?”  Apparently he doesn’t understand someone who has been involved with Stampin Up! I KNOW I surely don’t have as many stamps as a few of my Stampin Up! friends/upline has!  I really only like the word stamps nowadays.

She did get me moving on putting all my ribbon on the little chipboard to put in the drawers. That major project is done. So many things have been rearranged instead of 45 different places, and I’m appreciateive of  that. I’m sure it will take time for me to find some things. Good thing I gave her the label maker to use!

Oh, I did have her stay away from the beading section of my craft room since that stuff has valuable beads or wire that she doesn’t know.

So I’m sorry I didn’t keep my promise of a craft a day for March. I will keep up my April Stash bush (especially because my friend said she will help me keep to that promise for April &  for the future.)  Her 13-year-old daughter has been having a hay-day in my craft room. She made a bunch of cards for her friends, grandma and brother. This past Friday she wanted to make a necklace for her friend, so I gave her one of the baby food containers & told her to pick her beads she wanted to use & let me know when she was ready for me to help her get the necklace started. She did great for a beginner!  That’s about the only crafts that have actually been going on inside my house lately.

I did this necklace for the Clasp in the Front necklace with pendant swap on swap-bot. I really fell in love with the colors that my partner had listed and this piece just came flowing to me. She really liked it too.

clasp in front necklace Mar2011

clasp in front necklace Mar2011