Well, over March & April my neighbor & her daughter helped clean/organize my craft room. They did a great job and have eliminated a lot of stuff that I just had everywhere. So because everything was being re-organized, I didn’t craft much, until now.  I got back into swap-bot & making new cards for my stash & for swaps. Well, I’m kinda afraid to use my rubber stamps…

Having two non-crafters organize rubber stamps, uh, not a good idea. I had a gazillion Stampin Up! stamp sets, for the most part, the stamps that I used often (word stamps, tiny ‘filler’ stamps, etc) on my desk. Uh, yeah, not anymore… they seemed to have utilized my Stampin Up! plastic cases, however, they took EVERY stamp set apart & sorted by subject. Which means, every butterfly stamp I have (a bunch!), they put in 2 SU cases, every flower stamp, they put in a big 12×12 storage container (yeah, cuz I have THAT MANY flower stamps), and so on.


Please help me rationalize their organization. I guess if I didn’t have Stampin Up! sets, I would organize them the way they did. Should I just get over them separating all the Stampin Up! sets? I’m not into SU any more. That was a phase. I got tired of “everyone” having the same stuff.

Well, one good thing about this ‘situation’, I’ve been afraid to use my rubber stamps, so I have been using my acrylic stamps that have just been in sitting in a drawer (pretty much never used). Its like I got a bunch of new stamps!!