Snake Bracelets


Well, because our backyard is a Wildlife sanctuary with our water features (pond, pool, bird baths), we seem to attract snakes. Some I don’t mind, if it’s not poisonous (* round pupils = not poisonous  vertical slit eyes = poisonous snake). Keep those in mind when you come across a snake.

This is my “LIVE” snake bracelet.  He was so friendly & let me mess around with him to make him into a bracelet.

These next guys weren’t as cooperative, mostly because they were poisonous Copperhead snakes. Because of THAT and the safety of us, and our pets, we killed him (by cutting his head off). Well, then of course I couldn’t just leave well enough alone, I had to make a REAL bracelet out of him but w/out his cooperation. Watch this video my dh filmed of me making my bracelet (1st one). These are a RARE limited edition (only 2 made as of today’s date). And for me, that is ok.

I adhered the skins to a thrift store-bought bangle bracelet (too big for each of these tiny snakes apparently) with Modge Podge. Let dry (seals the scales of the skin.)  By rushing to do my 1st bracelet, I realized I should’ve painted the red bracelet first – oh well, live & learn. So the 2nd one I did paint the bracelet first. The skins are very transparent when dry. I covered the inside of the bracelet with a wide ribbon I had and covered it and the outside of the skin with Diamond Glaze.   Not bad for never messing with snake skins before. Maybe next time if we have tiny snakes, I’ll make pendants or earrings instead.

Bracelets Snakes 1+2 2010

Bracelets Snakes 1+2 2010


Copper Etching class at my Craft Club

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OH MY GOSH — this has GOT to be THE coolest project — not to mention EASIEST — that I have ever learned at my craft club!!

Copper Etching using rubber (or acrylic) stamps with Stazon ink. Some kind of stinky poisionous chemical, water and baking soda. That’s all. No rubbing, no sanding no scrubbing… and my project (1st ever) came out PERFECT!!! YAY ME!!!   Now that I’m addicted to this NEW technique, I have to find that chemical and buy some copper blanks already to use!!!  Watch out etsy copper sellers, here I come!!!

copper etching june 2011

copper etching june 2011