Last weekend I went to the Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show here in Houston. It was nice and small and close to my house. Being my first time to this show, I went around to everything first then went back to THE GEODE GALLERY that came from Indiana with all their geodes.

Well, I had no idea how to select my geode, but the guys at the booth were extremely helpful in explaining how to select a “good one”. The kind I picked was a Mexican “Coconut” Geode  because I wanted some sort of color inside versus the other kind they had that you needed a black light to shine on the geode to show a color hue it had.

Each “coconut” was marked with a number -turns out it was the price. As I was picking up geode to see which one (price-wise) I wanted, the guy explained, the more lightweight, means the cavity inside is bigger & has more to it.  After hearing that, I went with the very first one I picked up. So the two men went over to this machine with a chain, one held the geode, the other made the machine squeeze the geode till it cracked in 1/2.  At this time there were a bunch of cub scouts standing around watching as well.

The man let me open it first to see my very first geode. LOVED IT!!! It has a slight blue/purple/gray hue inside and VERY sparkly with some calcite!!  I had the biggest smile on my face!!! Of course I had to buy the stand to show it off!!!

Once the men packed my geode & stand for me, they said “it may be your first, but it won’t be your last…” Oh I know THAT!!  LOVE it!!!


1st Geode  2011

1st Geode 2011