Vaccine Vials recycled

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I work in a doctors office and during flu season, our office was going through a ton of influenza shots! So, being the crafty one in my office, I started telling the nurses to start saving the vials for me. I needed about 80 of them!  They did a WONDERFUL job of saving the vials for me!

After cleaning them out, removing labels & making these little flower vases, I handed them out to our clinical staff.  We implemented a new computer system this year & it has been “HELL”, so after I handed them out, I sent an email to them  & said “Everyone has been stressed with learning our new computer system, so next time you start getting stressed out about it, stop & smell the flowers (well these don’t smell, but you get the concept).

vial flowers

These did put smiles around the office… that week….   *sigh*


Thrift Store Headboard makeover

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Well my new place was pretty much perfect, but I did want one last item, a headboard! I’ve never had a real headboard on my bed, and didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a headboard/footboard. So I went to an old familiar thrift store by my place. As I pulled in the parking spot I already saw my desire on the front walkway. I practically ran to the guy standing by it. As he rattled off “take 50% everything out here “… so I saw the price on this headboard I went NUTS! Sticker said $30 – so, yep I got it for $15!!! Lightweight & fit perfectly in my small SUV.

I stopped at the hardware store & found an “oopsy” paint in a color close enough for me for $2.50. I could not get home fast enough to paint it!!! That’s why its partly painted in this photo.

headboard b4

I was painting a few furniture pieces at the same time –all in the middle of my living room (not use to not having a garage to paint in!)

headboard after

LOVE IT!!! I put felt pieces on the wall side so it wouldn’t bang or leave marks on the wall.

headboard done

Tried my hand at painting

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I took a class at Painting with a Twist a few months ago, and as all crafters do, I wanted to do MORE!


PWT flowers 2012_edited-1


So, when I got home I made these two paintings later that week.

orange flower





Sewing Basket makeover

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You can tell by the colors of this basket that it was from the 90’s. I refused to pay $$ for a new one that would just get outdated again, so, I made this one over with supplies I already had!

(the closure was even broken on this, that’s why the off color ribbon)

sewing basket remake b4


make-over sewing basket:

ended up using purple fabric paint (in the tube) to paint over the green striped wood.

Fixed the closure with a button & a jewelry necklace closure. Kinda tricky, but I’m the only one that uses it, so its ok!

sewing basket remake after

Teddy Bear donation to Police Department

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While clearance shopping after Christmas, I found these teddy bears on clearance (less than $3.00 each) and thought they’d be great to donate to the local police department by my office.

Police departments use these bears in traumatic situations involving children to comfort and distract them, and to show that police officers are the “good guys”

Every teddy bear can make an immeasurable difference in the life of a child who has been thrust into an emotionally fragile and traumatic situation. My donation will help bring comfort to these children and show them that police officers are there to help.

Look at their sweet smiles!



I saw a Species before it became extinct

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On our trip to The Galapagos Islands, we stopped at the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island, to see its most famous resident, Lonesome George. He was a male Pinta Island tortoise(Chelonoidis nigra abingdonii) and the last known individual of the subspecies.

We visited in Mid-May (2012), he passed away June (2012).  The Pinta tortoise was pronounced functionally extinct. (update: In November 2012 they found a possible subspecies of George)


He’s in the upper right corner of the photo below.




Interesting fact I learned in Ecuador this year

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My sister and I took a trip of a life time this year. We went to the Galapagos Islands, but before we went on our voyage, we took a day trip up to the Equator and they had this photo at the Equator monument (yellow line).


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