Well my new place was pretty much perfect, but I did want one last item, a headboard! I’ve never had a real headboard on my bed, and didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a headboard/footboard. So I went to an old familiar thrift store by my place. As I pulled in the parking spot I already saw my desire on the front walkway. I practically ran to the guy standing by it. As he rattled off “take 50% everything out here “… so I saw the price on this headboard I went NUTS! Sticker said $30 – so, yep I got it for $15!!! Lightweight & fit perfectly in my small SUV.

I stopped at the hardware store & found an “oopsy” paint in a color close enough for me for $2.50. I could not get home fast enough to paint it!!! That’s why its partly painted in this photo.

headboard b4

I was painting a few furniture pieces at the same time –all in the middle of my living room (not use to not having a garage to paint in!)

headboard after

LOVE IT!!! I put felt pieces on the wall side so it wouldn’t bang or leave marks on the wall.

headboard done