I subscribe to all these podcasts thru iTunes. LOVE downloading a bunch at a time -however, I am almost caught up to the current episodes. I listen to them when I am doing mundane tasks or crafting. LOVE that the podcasts just take me away to their worlds & I feel like I am sitting right with them.

IN order of my favorites:

1.)  Scraptime  – GREAT video podcast showing new products, new techinques, and AWESOME videos from the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) shows. So great to learn product names, brands, see the actual crafters. I can’t image how much craft stuff Christine has in her house! LOVE HER! 

2.) Paperclipping Rountable – I feel like I know each & every one of the members of the PRT. I have listened to every episode. I love hearing the ‘news’ from Nancy Nalley. I love all the links all the members are always spewing out – I write them down & look at them all when I get time. I have even passed on a few photography or mac/iphone websites to my dh that Izzy or the ladies have mentioned.

3.) Crafty Pod -Sister Diane has such a nice soothing voice. Her podcast is very informative -especially for crafters looking to or are already in business with their crafts.

4.) Craft Cast  – “Listen, learn & Create” is Allison’s theme. She does speak to many  knitters, but has interviewed people from other craft podcasts and even the QUEEN of the craft world, Carol Duvall!

5.) Craft Sanity – Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood has a fantastic podcast -mostly about knitting but like Craft Cast, she has interviewed people from other craft podcasts.

Check them out – hope I turned you onto some good info.