Humble Rodeo Parade – SMALL town

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I live in the outskirts of Houston, Texas and Houston holds one of the world’s largest Rodeos every March. I’ve been in Houston, for 15 yrs and this is one of my favorite times of year. Before the construction of I-10, the Salt Grass Trail Ride and a smaller Trail Ride use to come right past my day job.  We use to take our lunch outside & sit on the curb & wave to the Trail Riders that would come by. I LOVED seeing all the REAL cowboys and covered wagons. It was just an incredible site to see that a bunch of cowboys on horses would hold up 10 lanes of traffic to pass by to their destination.  Just something that people outside of Texas never thought happens in this day and age.

Well, the Rodeo Houston’s parade is a BIG deal and its downtown and its ALWAYS televised so I figure, save myself the time of getting up early to drive downtown to watch it, I stay cozy in bed & watch it on TV.

Well, since its Rodeo season here in Houston, the Humble Rodeo is coming up and their Rodeo parade was yesterday, so I went to “Downtown” Humble to watch it. WOW. I think it was THE shortest parade I’ve ever seen. Even high school homecoming parades were longer! This parade was 12 minutes long. That’s it. It was cute & it gave that small town feel, still made me proud of being a Texan.


Humble Rodeo Parade 2011

Humble Rodeo Parade 2011



Humble Rodeo Parade 2011 Horses & Flags

Humble Rodeo Parade 2011 Horses & Flags






The Amazing Race – Houston version


I saw this ad on my facebook feed for this race called CitySolve Houston and it got me SO EXCITED ! It’s The Amazing Race” –but only in Houston!

“Teams of 2 – 3 solve clever clues and face fun challenges all while navigating the urban landscape by foot or public transportation! It’s a scavenger hunt, with all the thrills of the amazing race, mixed in with trivial pursuit, throw in a mini road race and add a dash of cat-and-mouse. And voila! You’ve got CitySolve Urban Race. Clear your calendar for February 19, 2011 to dash through Downtown, Midtown and more!”

AWESOME! I don’t have to worry about a passport, taking vacation days, worry about where I’ll sleep or shower!! Its only one afternoon for  4 hours, its only in Houston!! So, I posted my status on facebook asking who wanted to do the race with me, and my friend Erin said she would! COOL! So we are signed up & now we just need to learn more of Downtown Houston & the public transportation. Hmmm… should be interesting. I’ll take photos – it should just be fun – we don’t care (or expect) to win.

Years ago when I was a volunteer with The Make-A-Wish Foundation there was a similar race (the name escapes me at the moment). I worked at one of the stops. It was at an ice block company and the teams had to find the place, then chip out a key frozen in a HUGE block of ice. It was very fun to watch! The teams were saying how they were speeding all over & a couple already got speeding tickets!  I took photos that day of the racers & ice blocks, however, apparently I forgot my camera on my hood of my truck and ended up watching it FLY OFF the windshield/hood of my truck on the highway. Uh, yeah, I was NOT turning around or stopping to get that (especially since it was near the entrance of a BUSY highway) I watched in my rear view mirror the camera SMASH to bits ! OH well, since that day, I am overly cautious with my cameras now (oh yeah, that wasn’t even MY camera that smashed!!)